Mexico Beach


   Sunday I went went to Mexico Beach with my friend Chase that lives down the street from me and it was really fun. I didn’t want to miss church so I took my bible and read it some of the way down there and it was about a two and a half hour drive. I didn’t feel real good goin but as soon I got out and went to the water I felt fine. Chase, his two sisters, and one of his sisters friends played all day long. Chase and I pretty much stayed in the water the whole entire time except to get our boogie boards and to eat lunch and leave. We didn’t leave till about 4:00 and we got there at 9:00. When I got out of the water my hands looked like a prune.

  Chase and I started going to the sandbar of the ocean and he got caught in the current and it started pulling him away. He was so scared it looked like his eyes were going to pop out! He remembered the sign he read about rip currents and it said to swim parrallel from shore. So he did it and got out and started swimming back. When he got back to where I was we did not try to go back without his stepdad. After we finally left we were all so tired the three girls fell asleep and me and Chase barely stayed awake. As soon as I got home I ate dinner and went to sleep.It was a blast!



  1. Hey Buddy,

    In case you forgot next time you go you know that I like to surf fish and like to take a cool dip in the ocean !


  2. Dear Cole
    I just got an email from your grandpaw, telling me about you and I wanted to come and read your blog..
    I will return later for sure because this post is so good.
    We don’t have good enough weather here in Ontario Canada yet for any kind of swimming.
    Your Grandpaw has said that he would send us some Georgia weather but he hasn’t come through with THAT promise yet!!
    I am going to have to ask that Princess to “sic ‘im”!
    Catch you later “Buddy”…from Mrs. Terry Shirkie

    I will be praying for Taylor…What a pretty name she has! Tell her “Hi” for me,eh?

  3. Yes i will remember papa. Thanks Mrs.Terry I will tell Taylor your praying for her.

  4. That sure sounds like you had a great day. I am so happy for you. May God bless you with many more days like this! 🙂

    I am glad y’all read the sign, so Chase knew what to do. God was watching over him!

    God’s Grace.

  5. Hi Cole..Just dropping by to wish for you and your little sister and the rest of the family a very Happy Memorial Day!
    You hsould be very proud to be an American!
    It is truly blessed country and Mr. Bernie and I love it!!
    God’s blessings… Love from Mrs. Terry

    PS We live about 22 miles from Buffalo..

  6. Hey Cole,
    Just dropping in to see how you are doing. I hope all is well.

    God’s Grace.

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