I wanted to stop and say hey and let everyone know that I am ok I have not had time to write or even get on the computer because of school and all.  School has been kind of hard and I am trying to get through it.  My mom found out we are having twins and one is a boy and one is a girl.  Things are kind of tough right now for our family with things going on with my stepbrother, but I know one day it will all be ok.  Thank you all for writing and thinking of us.




Hey everyone I know it has taken a long time but i have been trying to go to school and all.  I am ok but I still hurt all the time and I throw up all the time.  I know that it is going to be ok but I can not play football this year either.  I try to go to school and I get to stay for a while but not all day most of the time.  My mom is having a hard time she is trying to go to school, take care of us, deal with my step brother and she found out yesterday that she is pregnant.  So that means that it will take more money and she will have more stress.  I just hope and pray that it does not come out like my step brother.  They are trying to get some help for him but they say that georgia is behind on juvenile justice.  Taylor is ok she is just sick all the time but she does go to school.  I am trying to be strong like her but sometimes I do not know how she does it.  Thank you for praying for us.


Update on Cole


First of all let me say thank you to everyone!  Second I did not know my son posted that little paragraph about me, his mom.  Everyday I learn more about his heart…and it truly makes me proud.  Now as most of you know we had to go back to Atlanta (to the childrens hospital) on Thursday, when we got there we were all a little fatigued and nervous, we went to the back and waited just a few short minutes and the nurse came in to make any note changes for anything that may have changed and unfortunately the only thing that had changed was the fact that he almost passes out everytime he stands and starts to walk, this has gotten more frequent.  Well one of the doctors came in and of course I was looking for any sense of relief or high spirits and she did not give me any so automatically I knew what she was going to say.  She had some paperwork I needed to sign and that they had a couple of the test back and she would review them with me well Cole is sitting over there quiet as always never says anything.  Well she waits for the second doctor to come in and them two are going to review the test with us and what htey need to do to help Cole.  They tell us that they have gotten part of the test back, one was the biopsy of the liver and the other was the biopsy of his stomach.  The stomach first she told me was follicular hyperplasia which meant some abnormal cells and inflammation with duodenitis, which was the same thing, and that he has mesenteric adenitis which is causing the large lymph nodes in his abdomen.  Then she says and his liver, well it is not so good, we can not do anything to fix it with medicine, therapy, so I knew that meant liver transplant and I could not stand the thought of possibly losing my child.  After discussing this she went on to physically check him and while she was assessing him she realized she could not palpate (feel) his liver, this was a change so she ran some bloodwork and when it came back she came in there to tell me that they were PERFECT!  His liver function was 100%, enzymes were normal.  She said she does not understand this well I told her I do that it was God he healed my baby, he took that diseased liver and healed it.  He knew I could not bare anything else…So then they started addressing the dizziness and vomiting and such and realized that there may be a tumor or something in his brain that may be causing pressure so we have to have a CT scan and check out his vagal nerve and all.  He had also grown 3 inches in 2 weeks and that is cause for concern I guess, so we have to monitor his growth hormone and nothing will be done unless he reaches 7 feet, they said.  I believe that God has something great in store for my little man, Cole has said before that he loves football and wants to make that his career but he also wants to be a Preacher and I think that may be what he has in store for him, because he has endured so many obstacles and I believe God wants to use him to his benefit to help and reach others.  I can only say that because of each one of you this has been made possible and I am sure that God is up there smiling down because this precious little boy has brought the world together and I am sure that is his plan.  Thank you all for praying for my Cole, and for my family.  You will never know how much it means to me.  I am going through so much right now that no one even knows the half of it, but just knowing that there are a world of people so great as yourselves that lift my family up means the world to me.


With lots of love and may God bless each of you,


Leslie (Cole’s mom)


Hello everyone!


I know you are all praying for me but I have one more request could you please take a minute and pray for my momma too she is sick now, I think it is from stress she has all these bumps and itches and went to the doctor and they gave her some medicine but she is really needing prayer right now, she worries all the time and she still cries alot about my granny so I know that she is upset about that too.


More than words can truly say


Hello everyone, I do not know what to say, or should I say where to begin.  I can not thank you all enough for the kind thoughts and precious prayers that you all are sending up for Cole.  I know that prayer moves mountains and without it we all fail.  I can not express my gratitude in words alone but I hope that you will all know that I remember you in my prayers as well.  I know that Ron has given you all tidbits about our family, but unless you spend a day in our household you do not know the entirety of it all.  With a household of 5 we have one with leukemia, one with adhd, one who is mentally insane, one who is just a normal 11 year old girl, (that alone should say it all) and then we have Cole.  In this past year and a half we have lost two grandparents, lost 2 cousins, dealt with our own sicknesses, and guess what with Gods love and mercy we are still here.  I guess what I am getting at is that if it were not for prayer and the great man upstairs we would none be here.  Cole is a blessing to me and I do not know what I would do without him.  I know that he is going to be ok, god promises that.  We will not know the definate diagnosis of what is wrong until July 31st.  His liver bled when they took a piece of it so we are still concerned about that and his GI tube from mouth to the bottom is covered with raised areas and nodules throughout, that is a concern for us but it will all be taken care of I am sure.  I want to once again thank you all for the time you have taken to show my son and my family that you care and are concerned.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


My Sickness Update .


Pray for Sister and I ?  On July 18 I have to go to Emory childrens hospital. I am going to have exploratory surgery I have to check into the hospital at 10:30 that morning. The surgery will take place at 1:30. They think that my intestines are dialated but they are not sure what it is. If they find anything wrong they are going to fix it then.


Mexico Beach


   Sunday I went went to Mexico Beach with my friend Chase that lives down the street from me and it was really fun. I didn’t want to miss church so I took my bible and read it some of the way down there and it was about a two and a half hour drive. I didn’t feel real good goin but as soon I got out and went to the water I felt fine. Chase, his two sisters, and one of his sisters friends played all day long. Chase and I pretty much stayed in the water the whole entire time except to get our boogie boards and to eat lunch and leave. We didn’t leave till about 4:00 and we got there at 9:00. When I got out of the water my hands looked like a prune.

  Chase and I started going to the sandbar of the ocean and he got caught in the current and it started pulling him away. He was so scared it looked like his eyes were going to pop out! He remembered the sign he read about rip currents and it said to swim parrallel from shore. So he did it and got out and started swimming back. When he got back to where I was we did not try to go back without his stepdad. After we finally left we were all so tired the three girls fell asleep and me and Chase barely stayed awake. As soon as I got home I ate dinner and went to sleep.It was a blast!


While you are praying for me, one more request


As some of you may know I have a sister that is 8 years old and has leukemia, she could really use prayer also.  She has been sick for a long time and we know that prayer encourages miracles to happen, so if you would please pray for her to.  Her name is Taylor.  Thank you,  Love Cole




    I’m sorry it has been so long since I have wrote anything I have just been really sick. A few months ago I had started throwing up like last year when I got mono. So I went to the doctor and they didn’t notice anything wrong. I kept throwing up but, it got worse everything I ate or drank came right back up. It made me lose about 20 pounds. The day after I went back the doctors told me too wait another week. I was in school and we were about to go to lunch when I was called to sign out. I got up to the office and my mom was there and she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong and we got home and she said to get some clothes and she very upset. I kinda figured that I was going to the hospital and that ended up to be where we were going.

   We got there and the doctor said that I had to stay at the hospital. He said to stay in room 316 and all I could think was John 3:16. I didn’t know what was going to happen and me and my mom sat in the room for about an hour or so and three doctors came in the surgeon said that they are going to have to take my gallbladder out. They had to plan when to do the surgery so we had to wait. The surgeon wanted to do the surgery on the next day which was Saturday so I could get out of there on the weekend but, he couldn’t so we had to wait a week till surgery.

   After the surgery I felt like I weighed 500 pounds. If you have a weak stomach skip this part. I had to use the bathroom so I got out of the hospital bed and yellow stuff from my stomach poured out all over the place. I could barely walk so my stepdad stayed and he had to help me get to the bathroom. The yellow stuff kept on pouring out seaping through the three pads I had on top of my bellybutton. I had four stitches and two were about two inches long and the other two were just dots. I also had no belly button it had to grow back cause it was closed up. I also could not sleep because every two hours the nurses would come in and take my blood pressure. The next day I went home but I couldn’t go to school or anything.

   I had to be on hospital homebound for two months. I went back to school for about a week and I had gotten sick again. My mom and I went to the doctors office and the doctor did not no what to do so he did some bloodwork on my liver enzymes and ordered an ultrasound on my liver. When the test came back my liver enzymes were high and my liver was swollen really bad. The doctor researched some things I could have and there was a lot of different things that had the same symptoms so he did not know what was wrong. Just a few days ago we went back cause I am still hurting so he ordered a cat scan for may 8th so maybe on may 9th we will know something. So please pray for me. Thanks!!!



7th grade Football Practice


    In football practice last week and this week I have done an awesome job! Also during practice I was injured. Last Friday i had gotten tackled and the back of my head went all the way back and my heels and pulled a muscle in my back. Then Wednesday i had got hit and my helmet turned all the way to the side while my head stayed straight. That wasnt what was hurt it was my chest.

     I went to the doctor yesterday and they had to take an x-ray. After I took the x-ray the said I had a mild bruised lung  and it has been so hot that i was mildly dehydrated. On top of that the bruised lung is causing me to have a shortness of breath.