Hey everyone I know it has taken a long time but i have been trying to go to school and all.  I am ok but I still hurt all the time and I throw up all the time.  I know that it is going to be ok but I can not play football this year either.  I try to go to school and I get to stay for a while but not all day most of the time.  My mom is having a hard time she is trying to go to school, take care of us, deal with my step brother and she found out yesterday that she is pregnant.  So that means that it will take more money and she will have more stress.  I just hope and pray that it does not come out like my step brother.  They are trying to get some help for him but they say that georgia is behind on juvenile justice.  Taylor is ok she is just sick all the time but she does go to school.  I am trying to be strong like her but sometimes I do not know how she does it.  Thank you for praying for us.



  1. I’l pray!!

  2. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours, huh? But you know, God knows all about it and He has a purpose and reason for everything. He can use all for good and turn it around in the blink of an eye. We just have to stay strong in our faith.:-)

    I am impressed that you are going to school at all, feeling the way you do. I think both you and your sister are encouraging examples to all of us.

    Hopefully, your mom will get a break from the stress soon. I have no doubt, y’all are doing all you can.

    We will keep remembering you and your family in our prayers.

    God bless y’all abundantly.

    God’s Grace.

  3. In God we trust!

    Please take care, Cole =)

  4. Dear Cole…I am sorry that I wasn’t here sooner. I have been going to VBS all week.
    In Canada the children don’t start School until Sept 2. I guess you really start early in the States, eh?
    We are all still praying for you and Taylor and your brave Mom and now we are praying for Grandpaw to get better.
    So nice to hear from you John 3:16 boy!!!
    Love Mrs. Terry

  5. hey there Cole,

    y’all are in my thoughts and prayers!

    sending some huggs for ya to pass around (((( )))) 🙂

  6. Hi Cole…Still thinking about you here in Southern Ontario and praying that you are doing better and feeling better. Give little Taylor and Mom Leslie my greeting and tell them that there is prayers going to heaven for them too….love Mrs. Terry

  7. Hi Cole,
    how are ya doing? and how’s your family?

    hope y’all have a cool weekend 😉


  8. Hey Bud…How are you doing these days?…Love Mrs. Terry

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