While you are praying for me, one more request


As some of you may know I have a sister that is 8 years old and has leukemia, she could really use prayer also.  She has been sick for a long time and we know that prayer encourages miracles to happen, so if you would please pray for her to.  Her name is Taylor.  Thank you,  Love Cole



  1. Hello Cole,

    I appreciate the post and I know Taylor does to . I don’t know if I can link my post on Taylor here or not . But if anyone would like to read this post on Taylor it has a bit more information ? Just click on my blog and go to my August Archives and scroll down ? I thank all of you for the prayers along with Cole.

    Blessings .
    Ron & Paparon.

  2. Cole, haven’t forgotten your sister, Taylor. Taylor is my 10 year-old Brooklyn’s middle name. It’s so sweet of you to add her to your requests for prayer. selahV

  3. Thanks Ms.selahV and papa ron I am glad you come by and visit my blog.

  4. Dear Cole…I have added your site to my favourite links right under your grandpaw and Princess!
    Praying for both you and little Taylor…Love from Mrs. Terry

    Ps I am going to send your site over to Mrs. Gracey..

  5. We will remember Taylor in our prayers as well as you.

    God’s Grace.

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