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Hello everyone!


I know you are all praying for me but I have one more request could you please take a minute and pray for my momma too she is sick now, I think it is from stress she has all these bumps and itches and went to the doctor and they gave her some medicine but she is really needing prayer right now, she worries all the time and she still cries alot about my granny so I know that she is upset about that too.


More than words can truly say


Hello everyone, I do not know what to say, or should I say where to begin.  I can not thank you all enough for the kind thoughts and precious prayers that you all are sending up for Cole.  I know that prayer moves mountains and without it we all fail.  I can not express my gratitude in words alone but I hope that you will all know that I remember you in my prayers as well.  I know that Ron has given you all tidbits about our family, but unless you spend a day in our household you do not know the entirety of it all.  With a household of 5 we have one with leukemia, one with adhd, one who is mentally insane, one who is just a normal 11 year old girl, (that alone should say it all) and then we have Cole.  In this past year and a half we have lost two grandparents, lost 2 cousins, dealt with our own sicknesses, and guess what with Gods love and mercy we are still here.  I guess what I am getting at is that if it were not for prayer and the great man upstairs we would none be here.  Cole is a blessing to me and I do not know what I would do without him.  I know that he is going to be ok, god promises that.  We will not know the definate diagnosis of what is wrong until July 31st.  His liver bled when they took a piece of it so we are still concerned about that and his GI tube from mouth to the bottom is covered with raised areas and nodules throughout, that is a concern for us but it will all be taken care of I am sure.  I want to once again thank you all for the time you have taken to show my son and my family that you care and are concerned.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


My Sickness Update .


Pray for Sister and I ?  On July 18 I have to go to Emory childrens hospital. I am going to have exploratory surgery I have to check into the hospital at 10:30 that morning. The surgery will take place at 1:30. They think that my intestines are dialated but they are not sure what it is. If they find anything wrong they are going to fix it then.