I wanted to stop and say hey and let everyone know that I am ok I have not had time to write or even get on the computer because of school and all.  School has been kind of hard and I am trying to get through it.  My mom found out we are having twins and one is a boy and one is a girl.  Things are kind of tough right now for our family with things going on with my stepbrother, but I know one day it will all be ok.  Thank you all for writing and thinking of us.



  1. Hey Buddy,

    Hey buddy been missing your post . I thought you had forgot about us .

    Love ya !!


  2. Hey Cole,
    Good to hear from you and even better to hear you are doing ok, even though school is difficult.

    We are happy for y’all with having twins. We have no doubt you and your siblings will be a great help, encouragement and example to them.

    God will give what is needed, when it is needed. May He touch the heart of your step brother and open his eyes and ears.

    Y’all are in our prayers!

    God’s Grace.

    Thanks again for the update. 🙂

  3. How are you, Cole?
    Congratulations on the twins =)

    I’m so sorry for being away for so long.
    I was just being lazy ^grin^

    Take care.

  4. hi cole…so nice to hear your voice again!
    good that you are feeling better.
    even though it is hard cole, it is great that you are conentrating on your schooling. you are being a good example to your little sister.
    your mom is so blessed to have you kids and here the lord is giving her two more.god must surely know that she is a good mother.
    take care “paparon’s” buddy….love mrs. terry

  5. Hey John 3:16 boy…I hope you and the family have a very merry Christmas!
    Am praying tbat everything is going good!…love Mrs. Terry

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